3d printing filament testimonials

PI-ETPU 95-250 Carbon Black – 3D printing filament Testimonials

“It prints really really well. In fact I like it more than ninjaflex in a lot of ways.”

– Andrew Troy Stott  “makerdad” https://instagram.com/disruptityourself

“We’ve been using the conductive TPU filament, and it works great! We used the conductive TPU filament to prototype injection molded designs involving overmolded conductive silicone. It worked flawlessly, and was easy to use in our FlashForge Creator Pro.”

– Steve Trambert, Mechanical Engineer at http://pavlok.com

“We use the Palmiga Innovation conductive TPU filament to demo the ZYYX 3D Printers capabilities in printing flexible materials. In addition to the very useful conductivity property, it also gives excellent printing results!”

– Mats Moosberg, CEO,  ZYYX 3D Printer http://www.zyyx3dprinter.com

“PI-ETPU enables us to develop 3D printed soft sensors for biomedical applications. We are exploring the use of PI-ETPU for biopotential electrodes and force sensors.”

Gerjan Wolterink, PhD candidate, University of Twente

“When it comes to flexible filaments, Palmiga ETPU is my first choice. The simplicity of printing, the strength of the print and the stylish matte surface make it my go to flex.”
– Emanuel Teljemo, Founder and developer at TE3D. www.te3d.se

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