Material info for PI-ETPU 95-250 Carbon Black the conductive and flexible 3D printing filament

(Typical values shown, print method influences the values)

Diameter ø For 1,75mm printers: can maximum differ between 1.65mm to 1,9mm from spool to spool but within a singel spool the tolerance is approx ±0,05.

For 2,85mm printers: can maximum differ between 2.70mm to 2,95mm from spool to spool but within a singel spool the tolerance is approx ±0,05.

mm Measure before use for best results / Mät före användning för bäst resultat
Abrasion resistance / Slitstyrka Excellent / Utmärkt
Heat aging / Värmeåldring Good resistance / Bra motstånd
Chemical Resistance / Kemisk motståndskraft Excellent performance for greases, lubricants and some oils but is soluble in organic solvents and during hydrolysis. The most dissolving solvents are polar organic solvents, e.g. dimethyl formamide or dimethyl sulfoxide. Aliphatic alcohol and saturated/aromatic hydrocarbons such as petrochemicals may cause swelling of material and decrease of mechanical properties. / Utmärkt prestanda för tex fetter, smörjmedel och vissa oljor, dock upplöses den i organiska lösningsmedel och under hydrolys
Microbial resistance / Mikrobiell resistens Can be vulnerable to damage from fungi and bacteria when for instance used in contact with soil in either hot or humid environments / Kan vara känslig för skador från svampar och bakterier när den till exempel används i kontakt med jord i antingen varma eller fuktiga miljöer
Adhesion strength / Vidhäftningsförmåga Good / Bra
Low temperature flexibility / Lågtemperaturflexibilitet Acceptable / Acceptabel
Density / Densitet 1,3 g/cm³
Tensile Strength / Draghållfasthet 15 MPa ISO 527, ASTM D-638, 10x4mm solid part
Yield Strength / Sträckgräns 15 MPa ISO 527, ASTM D-638, 10x4mm solid part
Tensile modulus / Dragmodul 12 MPa ISO 527, ASTM D-638, 10x4mm solid part
Elongation at Break / Brottöjning 250 % ISO 527, ASTM D-638, 10x4mm solid part
Elongation at yield / Förlängning vid flytning 225 % ISO 527
Volume resistivity / Volymresistivitet <800 Ωcm Calculated based on randomly measured 10cm filament, so far 30 to 750Ωcm between batches
Hardness / Hårdhet 95 Shore A ISO 868 / D-2240, 10x4mm solid part (±4 Shore A)
Color / Färg Black / Svart
Recomended Temperature range / Rekomenderat temperaturområde 200-230  °C  Depending on 3D printer and print speed / Beroende på 3D Printer och utskriftshastighet
Decomposition temperature / Sönderfallstemperatur 250 °C
Self-ignition Temperature / Självantändningstemperatur >340 °C
Pre-drying / Förtorkning 90°C 1 h  Only needed for optimal performance / Endast för optimalt resultat

The filament is made from a special thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) compound material with a carbon black filler witch is bound in the base polymer. The information in this data sheet represents typical values for the original standardized sample and should not be regarded as a fixed specification for all filaments. 3D-printing will affect these values. PI-ETPU 95-250 Carbon Black is a product under development and Palmiga Innovation reserve the right to change the properties at any time without notice.

This product does not contain TNPP (Tris(nonylphenyl)phosphite)

English Safety data sheet (MSDS) French Safety data sheet (MSDS) Swedish MSDS – Säkerhetsdatablad    REACH COMPLIENCE DECLARATION   RoHS COMPLIANCE DECLARATION

PI-ETPU 95-250 Carbon Black 1.75mm

PI-ETPU 95-250 Carbon Black 2.85mm

PI-ETPU 95-250 Carbon Black is Made in Sweden and REACH RoHS compiant

“It prints really really well. In fact I like it more than ninjaflex in a lot of ways.”

– Andrew Troy Stott  “Disrupt It Yourself”

“We’ve been using the conductive TPU filament, and it works great! We used the conductive TPU filament to prototype injection molded designs involving overmolded conductive silicone. It worked flawlessly, and was easy to use in our FlashForge Creator Pro.”

– Steve Trambert, Mechanical Engineer at

“We use the Palmiga Innovation conductive TPU filament to demo the ZYYX 3D Printers capabilities in printing flexible materials. In addition to the very useful conductivity property, it also gives excellent printing results!”

– Mats Moosberg, CEO,  ZYYX 3D Printer

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